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Blondie Bees
photography James Ram

Debbie Harry is fighting to save the bees

Pollinators unite

This year, Blondie brought back their cool, euphoric punk ethos with a majorly welcome musical comeback. Now, Debbie Harry and the band are bringing bees to the forefront, as they lead a campaign to save our ecosystems. Apt, given that the band’s acclaimed new album is titled Pollinator.

The group has joined forces with Pollinator Partnership, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace for BEE Connected, in an effort to conserve, educate, empower and encourage political movement to save our environment. The bee population is dangerously declining: across Europe, we’ve seen the lose of 25 percent of honeybees since 1985, something that spells serious peril for biodiversity and generally life as we know it. According to Greenpeace, the economic value of bees’ pollination work has been estimated around €265 billion annually, worldwide.

“Basically, my motives for supporting pollinators is survival; survival of us all, survival of the human race,” Debbie Harry says.  

Fans can buy some limited edition t-shirts over on Blondie’s page, and use a yellow and black filter across Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

Pollinator came out in May this year, featuring the likes of Joan Jett, Johnny Marr and the writing of Dev Hynes; it’s the band’s 11th studio album. 

If you want to be more active in the cause, you can make the decision to buy local produce, avoid pesticide use and plant bee-friendly gardens. Check out some more actions, small and big, to help out here.