The Parisian artists uniting the city through music

This short film shines a light on a young, French creative generation bringing communities together in the face of division and upheaval

Music pulsates throughout Paris.

Be it the audible hedonism of the city’s underground scene or the sonic idiosyncrasies of its bold and bustling streets, the French capital is home to a myriad of sounds and reverberations, none of which you can imagine feeling quite as at home anywhere else. From the early, experimental beginnings of Daft Punk to the angry, intersectional hip-hop of Niska, what unites the chaotic, eclectic nature of Paris’s different musical ideas and approaches is a shared, common identity; one that is distinctly – and unmistakably – Parisian.  

To celebrate the city’s long and wild love affair with the sounds that it breeds, Beats share short film For the Love of Music, which shines a light on those that have helped define Paris’s music scene – and those that continue to define it, starring musician and performance artist Oko Ebombo, androgynous DJ and model Agathe Mougin, iconic electronic duo Justice and the new wave Gallic It-girls of Gucci Gang.

“With what is happening in the world right now, we need hope, we need curiosity, we need people who dare to say a positive message” explains Mougin during the opening of For the Love of Music, before revealing a tattoo on her wrist that reads ‘Be Nice Lucifer’. Along with Ebombo, Justice and Gucci Gang, there’s something quietly revolutionary about the nonchalance with which she treats the oppositional qualities of the music she makes. “The music we make resembles real life as little as possible,” adds Xavier de Rosnay of Justice. In a time of political and cultural upheaval and tumultuousness, Paris – and its creative community – is unwavering in their commitment to bring different spheres and communities together through their music.

For the Love of Music is about the uniting power of sound in the face of division and change; it’s about the young radicals making it happen.

Watch the film above.