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Watch M.I.A.’s panel with Julian Assange and Slavoj Žižek

The musician was joined by the Wikileaks founder and pop philosopher to discuss ‘the complexities of global activism and art in a changing world’

M.I.A. is the curator of this year’s Meltdown Festival, which kicked off at London’s Southbank Centre this weekend and runs until June 18. Besides bringing artists as musically distinct as Soulwax, Mykki Blanco, MHD, and JD Samson to the city, she also announced last week that she’d be hosting a panel discussion with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and philosophers Slavoj Žižek, and Srećko Horvat titled ‘What’s Coming Next’.

The panel was billed by the Southbank Centre as a discussion of “the complexities of global activism and art in a changing world”. Now, a video of the session has appeared on YouTube. The talk sees M.I.A., Horvat, and Žižek joined by Assange via a remote video link from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where Assange has been since 2012.

The Swedish authorities recently dropped their sexual assault investigation into Assange – to which M.I.A. penned a statement defending him – though he can’t leave as there is still a warrant for his arrest from the Metropolitan Police.

Watch the talk below, and revisit M.I.A.’s recently released new song “GOALS”.