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Cream David Firth

David Firth on cooking up crazier ideas with Flying Lotus

The Salad Fingers animator and the electronic musician have teamed up for a disturbing tale of warped consumer culture

Animator, artist and musician David Firth has joined forces with musical polymath Flying Lotus for a disturbing visual, Cream. In the short film, out on FlyLo’s Brainfeeder films, a revolutionary product is said to fix everything. Death, being ugly af, introducing the ability to inhabit a form other than human. “Cream yourself happy. Cream the world beautiful” the ad for the everything-fixer says. 

“The first idea for Cream came from a silly thought: ‘what if CERN, using the powers of their Large Hadron Collider suddenly came out with a product?’ That was my initial thought,” says Firth, the creator of the disturbingly funny Salad Fingers, a freaky visual series that plagued the generation of youths that were born and felt there way through early internets.

“It was supposed to be just a silly little 2 minute cartoon I made between larger projects – then I became a bit obsessive. It could have been an hour long if I wanted,” he tells Dazed.

Flying Lotus and Firth previously collaborated on “Ready Err Not”, a similarly styled, gruesome animation, featuring some intestine-eating kids and bath tubs engorged with body parts. The pair had just finished working on the music video when they began speaking about this new idea. “He told me about Brainfeeder films and some ideas he had, and wanted to get me involved,” Firth continues. “I was also teaching him to animate using After Effects, which got him started making some sequences that later became part of his feature film Kuso.

“Steve did some voice acting in Cream, most notably the screams of horrified victims in the ‘terrifying footage’ segment that the news media used to push their anti-Cream agenda. He really went for it. I also used his photo in there somewhere.”

As things go horrifically south for the remedy, FlyLo can be heard screaming: “Oh my God, it’s killing us!” His face also pops up in the crowd during the cream unveiling.

“Working with FlyLo and Brainfeeder is great. When collaborating on Kuso I was often asked to make my ideas crazier. That is exactly what I need to hear. It's usually the opposite,” says Firth.

The galactic musician also tweeted praise for the animator: “Yo @DAVID_FIRTH spent a whole year working on this project alone with no help. Imagine how crazy it would be if he had his own show.”

The creative duo have teamed up for Kuso, which will be released in cinemas later in 2017. It’s the first full-length film coming from FlyLo’s Brainfeeder Films, with George Clinton, Byron Bowers and Anders Holm on the cast roster. From clips, it looks chock full of boils, vomit and body horror. According to reports, there will also be new music on the soundtrack from Thundercat, Aphex Twin and Silent Hill composer Akira Yamoaka.

Watch the stomach-churning visual below.