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Aphex Twin

Preview unreleased Aphex Twin music ahead of Field Day

Watch the world’s first livestream of the artist performing at the London festival on June 3

Never had the opportunity to experience the intense, blistering sets of Richard D. James? Now, you’ve got a chance to view the artist behind Aphex Twin in action. This Saturday (June 3), the world’s first live video stream of an Aphex Twin performance will take place at London’s Field Day.

The countdown to the NTS Radio, Warp Records and Field Day collab with the musician has begun over on the NTS website, with teaser videos that feature unreleased Aphex Twin tunes. One features distorted vocals lifted from “My House” by Rhythm Controll

Weirdcore, collaborators of both Aphex and NTS, have created an immersive online visual project for the stream.

Last week, the artist posted a brief teaser on Twitter, hinting at an NTS partnership. The musician’s last release was in April with “4xAtlantis take 1”.

Watch the trippy countdown over on NTS here, or better yet, grab some Field Day tickets here.