Baba Stiltz is in love, bullish and scared in his new video

The chilled-out 23-year-old Stockholm producer’s ‘Can’t Help It’ video was designed to be watched upright on a smartphone

Following his Everything Is EP earlier this year, 23-year-old Swedish producer Baba Stiltz has unveiled his new single “Can’t Help It”. His ninth release on Kornél Kovács’ Stockholm-based label Studio Barnus, “Can’t Help It” is a glimmering slice of chopped melodies and axial keys. Balancing an off-kilter house foundation with sophisticated pop sensibility, Stiltz’s tentative vocal work and lyricism sits gingerly on top of rich textures and crisp percussion.

Stiltz describes the track as being a result of instinct rather than labored consideration, telling us that it was “recorded quickly without much thought behind it. It’s about me being in love, bullish, and scared.” It was made with considerations for both body and mind, with Stiltz saying that he hopes that “people can relate to it on the dancefloor or in their brains when they’re by themselves. The song has become important to me over time.”

“Can’t Help It” is paired with a more than fitting visual accompaniment directed by Duncan Loudan. It was purposefully shot and edited to be viewed in portrait mode, allowing it to be fully streamable through Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Stories.

Explaining the idea behind filming it as such, Loudan said: “90 per cent of the moving images I see online every day are upright, portrait format videos. But rarely do we see videos with high production and artistic values being made specifically for that frame, and that doesn’t make sense to me at all. All we see are clumsy attempts to squash existing landscape videos like film trailers into an upright portrait format by cropping. I feel more art film and music videos should be built for the upright mobile phone frame, seeing as that’s how we consume so much video now.​”

Watch the video above.