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Rejjie Snow
The Moon & Youvia

Rejjie Snow just dropped a free mixtape and zine

The Dublin rapper proves Ireland is an unlikely breeding ground for mind-melting hip hop

Dublin rapper Rejjie Snow has gone and pulled a Frank, blessing us with a surprise 13-track mixtape called The Moon & You and a zine. Snow seemingly came out of leftfield in 2013 when his first tape, Rejovich, ousted Yeezus from the top spot of the iTunes hip hop chart.

Ireland – and Dublin, specifically – has become an unlikely breeding ground for rap as of late, with acts like Kojaque, Mango, Ganiyu, Huva and the more commercially-minded Haresquead blowing up the hip hop messageboards. Leading the charge, however, is Snow. The Moon & You features Joey Bada$$, Jesse Boykins III, Cam O’Bi, and Stefan Ponce.

It also comes accompanied with a zine, which showcases the rapper and his crew in different locations alongside handwritten poems and a fashion shoot. (Related: check out Snow’s track “Fashion Show”, which name drops Margiela). Standout tracks include “Sunny California”, “Hope”, and “Fashion Week”.

It’s been a long time coming for fans, who have been waiting for years for new Rejjie Snow. “I would definitely describe myself as a perfectionist,” Snow told us last year. “But sometimes it gets a bit too much cause it has to be so perfect, to the point where it could be perfect and I’ll just keep on going with it. I could keep on going with it until it’s nothing. It tends to happen, especially with my music – I’ll do a song and everyone around me will say ‘It’s finished’ and I’ll just say ‘Nah!’ But it happens all the time that it was the best the first time around. That’s why I’ve been trying to put out a record for like, three years! Now is the time.”

Listen to The Moon & You below and download it for free here.