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Mac DeMarco
Photography by Maya Fuhr, Styling by Sabrina Deslauriers

Mac DeMarco is launching a fan-fiction contest

Blue boy and his old dog go on an adventure part one

It feels like king of goofs Mac DeMarco would be the world’s best mate. Imagine all those weird-and-outrageous-verging-on-uncomfortable nights you could share. Well, if you can put that all down on paper, Mac’s just announced his fan fiction contest.

Die-hard Mac Attack fans can submit a “fun, original piece about anything Mac-related”, according to his website. Write a winning story (summery tunes, cigs and lols sure to be included) and you’ll receive a drawing of you with Mac by his fave artist Stefan Marx, and have your piece published in the annual fanzine. 

If you need some background music to get you in the creative zone, the musician has just released the hazy, dreamy “One More Love Song”.

Just this week, Mac announced his was on the look-out for an assistant, proficient in dank memes. His third full-length album is dropping May 5, This Old Day.

The fan-fic competition is running from May 1 to August 15, so get scrawling.