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gorillaz live stream

Watch Gorillaz’s first ever on-camera interview

2D and Murdoc of the virtual band take questions from fans, touching on twerking and Donald Trump, and preview their track with Grace Jones

For the first time ever, in what’s being called the ‘online event of the century’, Gorillaz are live in conversation.

2D and Murdoc Niccals chat with Radio 1’s MistaJam in a pure animated feat, taking questions randomly submitted by fans. The interview with the cartoon bassist and vocalist has been hosted on Telekom Electronic Beats’ YouTube.

“As I was stepping into the bath, I thought ‘This is gonna be a meme’,” Murdoc told MistaJam of that famous visual. There was some talk of twerking, and Russel Hobbs joined the group very briefly by phone, though cut things a bit short. Murdoc was also asked who his favourite writer was – he related: “Bob Kerouac, distant relative of Jack”. They also agreed that Chicago is “good for sounds”, and touched upon their feelings for Donald Trump.

The present band members also talked about the wealth of collaborators on Humanz, with Murdoc hinting that he and Grace Jones have something going on. The end of the conversation saw an advertisement for their new app aired, and previewed “Charger”, featuring Jones.

News emerged recently that Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn were working on a number of new creative projects, from a 10-episode TV show, to haunted house pop-ups and a merch line. The band’s augmented reality app was also recently launched, letting fans explore Kong Studios and other elements of the weird and wonderful world of Gorillaz. The app was also announced as the place they would be hosting the first listening party for their upcoming album.

Watch the live convo below, beginning at 11 mins 30 secs. Humanz is set to land April 28.