Get ready for bulupunk with Ed Banger's new band

10LEC6 are a French band who describe their wild, groovy music as ‘bulupunk’ – watch their ceremonial, NSFW video for Ed Banger-released new single ‘Bedjem Mebok’

“A queen, some priestesses, an oracle, a man from the wood, and a mother deity,” says French artist Theodore Fivel. “Here are the ingredients of a ceremony payenne to save humanity.” Fidel’s sculpture Salut pour tous, encore des agapes à moratoire orphique, which sits in the middle of the thick woods, is the centrepiece of French band 10LEC6’s new single “Bedjem Mebok”, the first taste of the band’s upcoming album for Ed Banger (Justice, Busy P, Mr. Oizo, etc.).

10LEC (pronounced as it’s written in French, dix-lec-six) is a project formed by street artist Simon and DJ/producer Jess, best known as one half of Jess & Crabbe. Inspired by the more groove-obsessed end of post-punk (Bad Brains, The Slits, ESG), mutant disco, and early house music, the band have been starting parties for a good few years now but have entered into a new era with the addition of new singer Nicole. She adds a mixture of her gospel upbringing and Bulu rapping to the equation, resulting in a style that the band call BULUPUNK!

“‘Bedjem Mebok’ is a bulu generic term which means ‘entertainers’,” the band explain over email. “Our friend and contemprary artist, Theodore Fivel, directed the video. It was shot around his sculpture in the middle of a forest, which is also a bread oven, and it gave him the idea of a pagan ritual. Theodore has been inspired by a drawing of the famous french comic artist, Philippe Druillet, who accepted to design our EP cover.”

Watch the “Bedjem Mebok” video above.