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Tyler, the Creator in Diamond
Tyler, the Creator in DiamondCourtesy Diamond Supply Co.

Frank Ocean joins Tyler, the Creator at his doc premiere

Watch the pair appear together in footage from the first screening of Cherry Bomb, tracing the journey to Tyler’s third album of the same name

Cherry Bomb: The Documentary, a film about the making of Tyler, the Creator’s 2015 studio album, was debuted by Illegal Civ Cinema back in January. The documentary bundle has already sold out, but previously unseen footage from the premiere has now been shared. The day before it was released, Tyler, along with the film’s director Mikey Alfred, hosted a Q&A screening in Los Angeles. And yesterday, Alfred uploaded a video from the event.

The clip shows the Q&A segment, wherein Tyler gives legitimately insightful answers about the film, footage of him signing posters beforehand and other visuals. Tyler’s long time collaborator and Odd Future collective comrade Frank Ocean appears around the 46 second mark to give him some much needed advice about his autograph style – telling Tyler: “people who get that are not gonna be as happy. I feel like you need to subtitle it,” when Tyler writes, “fuck you dawg I just signed this poster so you can feel special but to be honest fuck you.”

Speaking about his creative success across his fashion line Golf Wang and his music career, Tyler explained: “You gotta keep it balanced, you gotta keep it fun, or you'll lose your fuckin’ mind. That's how people be going crazy.”

Watch the clip below.