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twin peaks

Agent Cooper shares a new, Twin Peaks-themed playlist

Kyle MacLachlan’s ‘Coffeetime’ collection includes tracks from Elliott Smith, Lou Reed & David Bowie

Kyle MacLachlan, the actor best known for playing FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks, has curated his very own Coffeetime playlist for Spotify. The collection is a nod to Cooper’s passion for coffee, and comes just weeks ahead of the cult show’s return in May.

The exclusively male playlist consists of 55 tracks. David Bowie, Elliot Smith, Lou Reed, Steely Dan, Nirvana, Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull, The Beach Boys and Stevie Wonder are all included.

Twin Peaks is set to make its return on Showtime, with a two-hour premiere episode scheduled for May 21. According to the network’s CEO, David Nevins, the revival will reward “close watching”, and will be the “pure-heroin version of David Lynch”. He also hinted that the 18-episode season would be “Agent Dale Cooper's odyssey to Twin Peaks.”

Check out MacLachlan’s “Coffeetime” playlist in full below.