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The Aladdin Sane memorialvia Crowdfunder

Permanent David Bowie memorial to be built in London

Fans are looking for £990,000 to cover the costs of the three-storey statue

A new campaign to build a permanent David Bowie memorial statue in London has been launched on Crowdfunder this week.

The three-storey construction would resemble a red and blue lightning bolt, in tribute to the icon’s Aladdin Sane character. If built, it would be situated opposite Brixton tube station, five streets away from his birthplace on Stansfield road.

The group behind the campaign – known as ‘This Ain't Rock'n'Roll’ – are apparently working with Bowie’s team “in New York and London” on the project, and are hoping to raise £990,000 to cover material and construction costs. Their cut-off date is March 21.

“When David Bowie died, the world lost an irreplaceable talent,” reads the Crowdfunder page. “In a fifty-year career, he blazed a trail that brought joy to millions, changing lives and opening minds. Many of us would not be the people we are, were it not for Bowie. When David Bowie died, Brixton also lost a son.”

The statue would accompany Jimmy C.’s famed Aladdin Sane mural, which sits on the same road, and has served as London’s most prominent spot for fan tributes.

“The memorial will be the first thing most visitors see when they come to Brixton,” adds the page. “In the morning, the rising sun will shine directly on the structure – welcome respite for all us commuters. By night, Brixton Academy/Electric/Windmill gig-goers will be welcomed by a dramatically-lit scene.”

The statue is not the first tribute to be paid to Bowie. Following his death in January last year, the icon has been honoured with his own set of emojis, a ballet production, and his very own star constellation. A memorial plaque was also unveiled in Berlin in August, outside the home the singer lived in with Iggy Pop between 1976 - 1978.

See more about the project below, or contribute to the Crowdfunder here.