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David Bowie emojis to be included in new iPhone update

The ‘singer’ symbols show a man and a woman with a lightning bolt painted over one eye

New emojis inspired by the late icon David Bowie are set to be included in Apple’s latest iOS 10.2 update.

The two symbols, classified as “singer” emojis, are among 16 new professions to be added to the keyboard. In what appears to be a tribute to Bowie’s 1973 album Aladdin Sane, they show a male and a female with a lightning bolt painted over one eye, and a microphone in front of their face. 

Other emojis to be added in the update include a face palm, a shrug and a fist pump. New foods, like a gherkin and a croissant, are also on the way, as well as a moose, mallard and a gorilla (RIP Harambe). The 16 new professions will include firefighters, astronauts, farmers, chefs and teachers.

This latest update comes just days after New York’s MoMA acquired the 176 original emojis for its permanent collection. The tiny 12x12 designs will reportedly be shown in the museum’s lobby, along with animations of the latest generation of symbols.

Users can get the latest iOS 10.2 iPhone update here