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Lunice Exclusive Mix

An exclusive Dazed Digital mix from Montreal’s Turbo Crunk dance phenomenon.

Lunice Fermin Pierre II is many things. The prolific Canadian young gun first found net celebrity with his cult YouTube dance videos, his intergalactic B-Boy stance scored by the beat pack – the discordant wave of club banging hip hop producers that include San Francisco’s Lazer Sword, LuckyMe’s Mike Slott and LA’s Nosaj Thing. Lunice’s own 80’s inspired, glitchy soul thizzes across official remixes for Big Dada whilst the blog platinum bootlegs of MOP, Lil Mama and Aaliyah keep his family in check.

For a self-confessed shy dude, there’s also his dirty dog rap alias The Hitmayne to contend with, and his involvement with Turbo Crunk, the Montreal-based soundsystem and party governed by Hovatron (Phil Aubin-Dionne) and Megasoid (the producer duo of Robert “Speakerbruiser” Squire and Hadji Bakara from Wolf Parade). Lunice’s “Out of Touch” EP is out now and he made an exclusive mini-mix for Dazed Digital which can be downloaded here or streamed below. 

Dazed Digital: Can you do the intros?
Lunice Fermin Pierre II: Aye mane aye! I'm 21 years old and reside in Montreal, Quebec. I'm pretty much just like any other dude. But with cooler dance moves.

DD: Can you talk about your dancing?
Lunice Fermin Pierre II: Haha. Yeah. Before anything else, I started out as a B-Boy. Soon after I started to get into the competitive game and joined my first serious crew/team called the 701 Squad. But later I then realized that doing competitions and all that really wasn't my thing because I'm just more of a dude that just likes to jam and freestyle. So yeah, coming from a breakdance/popping background, I've pretty much just put everything I know into whatever “dance” I do.

DD: What inspires you about Lazer Sword, Mike Slott and Nosaj Thing?
Lunice Fermin Pierre II: I totally see the “improv” element of jazz in the music. It's almost like some kind of “neo-jazz” but put into a club banger context. What moves and inspires me the most is how they would create their own persona in their works. And that really gets to me emotionally and physically. Like when Mike Slott played at one of our nights in Montreal, as corny as it sounds, I literally teared up hearing him play live because his beats were so overwhelmingly moving and real. As for inspiration, they come practically from everything I hear, see, touch, feel and smell.

DD: How did you hook up with the Turbo Crunk parties?
Lunice Fermin Pierre II: It was pretty wild how it all came together. Back in 2007 I played my first gig at Hovatron's monthly called Bass Culture and in there I met Sixtoo aka Speakerbruiser. When he learnt that this was my first gig he asked me if I would play one of his Megasoid nights because he liked my set. And from there on I've been rolling with the whole Turbo Crunk crew ever since.

DD: Can you drop an outro message in your best Canadian slang...
Lunice Fermin Pierre II: I goes what it does but mean it like it is mane. Les'gitwitit!

01. Lunice - Hip Pop
02. Lunice - Purp Walk
03. Lunice - Let's Go
04. Lunice - Hitmayne
05. Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever U Like (Lunice Remix)
06. Lunice - Wikiwiki
07. Lil' Mama - Lipgloss (Lunice Remix)
08. Lunice - Bring it Back
09. MeGusta - Mega Drive (Lunice Remix)
10. Lunice - Purple Drank
11. Lunice - Retardation