Enter a Lynchian underworld with The Sirens of Titan

Author John-Paul Pryor's visual project/band premiere ‘Jupiter’s Son’, the first single from their upcoming album

Literature-loving modern blues outfit The Sirens of Titan (they share their name with a Kurt Vonnegut novel, while frontman John-Paul Pryor is an author) have released the mesmerising video to “Jupiter’s Son”, the first single from their upcoming album Apocalypse Sessions. Shot in LA by director Skyler Wakil and visually inspired by David Lynch’s neo-noir masterpiece Mulholland Drive, the video stars actress Lena Gora taking on the roles of three different women.

Pryor has a habit of collaborating with visual artists and designers. The video for “The Devils”, also included on the album, was directed by photographer Katja Mayer and featured model Ava Roeg (granddaughter of The Man Who Fell to Earth director Nicolas Roeg) wearing designs by Melissa ToftonApocalypse Sessions, as its name suggests, was recorded live in session, reverting back to old-school methods to recapture the feel of 70s records, not unlike the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street, a favourite of Pryor’s.

“Jupiter’s Son” takes its cues from Bill Callahan’s alt-country-tinged Smog project and indie-folk icon Elliot Smith. Pryor describes the song is “kind of personal”: “It’s about pleasure and pain – and the relationship between them.” He’s also working on his second as-yet-untitled novel, following his well-received debut Spectacles, which was described as “a hallucinatory ride through a Ballardian future London.”

Watch the video above.

Director: Styler Wakil, Director of Photography: Spencer Byam-Taylor, Styling: Jessica Reynoso and Daniel Broadway, Talent: Lena Gora, Makeup: Luisa Fer Ruiz, Production by Easton Schirra and Studio 64