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Jai Paul and A. K. Paul are looking for an intern

The brothers’ music company, The Paul Institute, is currently on the prowl for a graphic design maestro

Enigmatic musician Jai Paul, his brother A. K. Paul and Muz Azar are looking for a design intern to work with their company, The Paul Institute. According to the posting, the ideal candidate will be based in London and have “a passion for music and an accomplished portfolio that shows a lot of potential.” That translates to Photoshop and InDesign skills, which will be used to expand upon the graphic ideas they have put forth through releases like A.K. Paul’s “Landcruisin’”, which came out in March.

The role lasts three months and involves doing visual research and compiling moodboards. “The internship provides a great opportunity to make new connections and gain valuable insight into the music and creative industries. Permanent position may be available to the right person upon completion of the internship.”

Little is known about what XL-signed artist Jai Paul has been up to since inaugurating The Paul Institute together with his brother and Azar. Around the release of A. K. Paul’s “Landcruisin’”, their website went online at, which alerts users about new music after entering a mobile number.

Jai Paul released two official tracks in 2011 and 2012, respectively, before seemingly disappearing off the face of the earth. An unmastered collection of demos was leaked via Bandcamp in April 2013, but it was soon removed. XL later made a statement saying, “This music was not uploaded by Jai and it’s not his debut album – it is a collection of various unfinished recordings from Jai’s past.” To date, he has only done one interview, with Dazed.

Despite being rough demos, Jai’s tracks are still in circulation. This past week, radio presenter Annie Nightingale played leaked track “Vibin’” on BBC Radio 1 (skip to 1:35:53 to hear). Earlier this year, Jai was rumoured to be making new music at XL’s New York studios and was pictured in the studio together with A. K. and R&B singer Miguel. Most recently, he was spotted by a fan on the Overground in September. However, for all the hubbub, new material has failed to materialize.

This internship is evidence that something is happening behind the scenes. Will Jai follow the pattern of release dates and spring us with new jams in April? Their next intern will potentially be let in on the mystery. The closing date for applications is December 12. Click here to apply.