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Photography Viviane Sassen

M.I.A. asks fans to make own merchandise to save environment

The AIM singer has provided designs and logos to create shirts and hoodies that won't be ‘destroying (the) environment and enslaving peeps’

M.I.A. told her followers on Twitter that she didn’t want to make a line of merchandise that would further damage the environment or contribute in any way to sweatshops. Instead, she’s released designs and logos for fans to create DIY M.I.A. love.

She wrote on Twitter: “Can't even (bring) myself to make merch – destroying environment and enslaving peeps can I just give u a vector and you print on ur T/hoodie.”

Following this testament, the AIM singer uploaded her official designs to her website and told fans: “HERE ARE THE DESIGNS > GET CRACKIN”.

It’s proved pretty popular, with fans already trying out the designs.

The former Dazed cover star has used her musical career to platform issues surrounding the environment, climate change and the plight of refugees, partnering with H&M for World Recycle Week and dropping the emotive video for “Borders”. Check out what she had to say when we spoke to her for Dazed’s 25th anniversary.