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Harambe will appear as a hologram at Houston’s Day For Night festival

A music festival is resurrecting Harambe in hologram form

The slain gorilla appears on the bill of Houston’s Day For Night festival alongside the likes of Aphex Twin and Blood Orange

Harambe – the 17-year-old gorilla who was shot dead at Cincinnati Zoo in May and whose memory will live with us forever, R.I.P. Harambe – seems to occupy a special place in the heart of the music world. Just last month, frustratingly-named electro-pop trio CHVRCHES dedicated a song to the slain gorilla, while Nicki Minaj was recently heard rapping the words “I’m dragging these hoes like Harambe did the kid”.

Now, a music festival is going one step further to preserve the memory of the ape who died: they’ve added a Harambe hologram to their lineup. As CoS report, Houston’s Day For Night festival will feature a ‘performance’ from Harambe alongside artists like Aphex Twin (himself making his first appearance in the US since 2008), John Carpenter, and Blood Orange. Harambe joins the likes of Tupac and Michael Jackson in making posthumous appearances in hologram form.

Day For Night festival doesn’t actually take place until December 17, by which point the Harambe meme will be deader than the dead ape himself. Listen to Nick Minaj’s Harambe-referencing “The Pinkprint Freestyle” below.