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Azealia Banks is selling loads of weird shit online

Her online Depop catalogue is a gold mine for witchcraft essentials, skin lightening products, psychedelic crop tops and dated footwear

You know that feeling when you want to make a change in your life so you decide to clear out all the dick-shaped candles you’ve been holding onto for years? As a part of her continuous evolution and awakening, the controversial rapper Azealia Banks is purging her home of goods she has from when she was a “wannabe spice girl with A cup breasts”.

“One day I woke up and decided I wanted to change. I took a look around at my surroundings and realised that similar to my emotional tendencies, I was holding on to so many things that I had no use for. Clothes I could no longer fit, pieces of unfinished business ideas,” she wrote on her Facebook page today.

She added: “With that said I want to welcome you all into my mind and onto my Depop page... I have SOOOO MANY RANDOM THINGS/ clothes from when I was a wannabe spice girl with a cup breasts!! So many things that a 25-year-old woman should not be wearing. Come check out what may be in store for you!”

Selling under the username Cheapy Kunt, the collection is a catalogue of Banks’ fashion and a window into her eclectic inner psyche. From manuals about psychedelics, furry boots, and items that promise spiritual blessings for just $1, it is definitely worth a look. Here is a roundup of the best items:


When clearing out your home to move on to the next stage of your life, of course one of the things to go would be some unopened prosthetic rubber ears of a caucasian hue.


This candle may just look like penis-shaped mood lighting, but Banks claims it can be used to dominate a man. It could also be used to make him impotent and enhance your sex life. Oh, and it "Can be used to influence a woman to come to you”. Bargain.


Following her recent revelation that she has begun to lighten her skin, the musician writes: “This soap is very very mild, not strong enough for bleachzealia but will be nice for someone who is looking to gently smooth out complexion.“


Finally, you can burn some “three kings” to attract luck and prosperity. This $1 wonder product will “welcome good spirits into the house” and “clear energy in (the) home". 


One of the more pricey items on the Cheapy Kunt Xchange but should cover all you need to know to about hallucinogens. Could be paired with the tie dye 'I have no tits' crop top which is also available.

To check out more of her weird and wonderful items visit her Depop page here