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Nathan Fake Recommends

With new album Hard Islands on the way, Nathan Fake gives us his recommendations.

Can you recommend…
… three new bands?
I don't know many new bands but..
The Present - on Loaf recordings. its Rusty Santos's project, he'sproduced Animal Collective and Panda Bear albums.
Bibio - he's not very new but he's just been signed to warp and his new album sounds ace (from hearing samples of it.)
Hudson Mohawk

… three old bands?
The Beach Boys, Van der Graaf Generator, Hawkwind.

… a film?
Zatoichi, directed by Takeshi Kitano.

… a book?
The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson

… a record label?
Paw Tracks

… a website?
Astronomy picture of the day -

… something on YouTube?
Limmy's 2-minute version of American Werewolf In London -

… a radio show?
I can't remember the last time I listened to the radio......

… something to do on a day off?
Do email interviews.

… a song everyone should hear?
John Callaghan - I'm not comfortable inside my mind.

Nathan Fake'
s new album Hard Islands is out 18 May and an album mix can be downloaded on Allez-Allez, while Bleep has an exclusive pre-release download. He will be touring over the next few months kicking off with the Hard Islands album release party at Corsica Studios on Friday 15 May.