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Massive Attack release two new singles on reactive remix app

New songs ‘Come Near Me’ and ‘The Spoils’ can be heard on the band’s Fantom app, but will sound different depending on when you listen to it

Massive Attack have released two new songs, “Come Near Me” and “The Spoils”, through their app Fantom. 

Since its launch back in January, Fantom was used by the trip hop duo to exclusively preview their Ritual Spirit EP before the four-track collection was officially released.

A press release describes the app as a “sensory music player” designed by the group to remix and reconfigure songs on each listen. It uses “a variety of environmental variables including location, movement, time of day, heartbeat and the integral moving image camera” to create its different variations.

If you want to listen to the tracks (or at least one version of them), download the app here.