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Kotchy (New York, US)

Kotchy aka Chad Curlow is releasing debut record 89 after a string of collaborative EPs.

Kotchy is the one-man “boundary-less pop” artist from Brooklyn whose debut record 89 follows a string of highly praised EPs (including one with Yo Majesty’s Shunda K) and guest performances alongside Fischerspooner, Rufus Wainwright and Joan as Policewoman. From scratchy percussive electro to hip hop infused spectral beats, all underpinned by a glorious pop re-working, Kotchy (aka Chad Curlow) is set for a bright future. 89 is released on new imprint Civil Music (home to up and coming UK freaked dubstep producer Reso) and Seclusiasis, headed up by Philly bass culture heroes Starkey and Dev79.
Whats... special about you, then?
I actually play instruments, do all the recording and production on the album, and I play that shit for real - same as my live show. I suppose it’s why I can get out from behind the laptop and on my drums. It’s top shelf, original, home made, unpredictable business.   
...Your worst vice?
...The best piece of advice you've heard?
Be prepared (Tim Adams Sr.).
...Better, analog or digital?
I’d fuck ‘em both. Always a three way. I don’t want one without the other.

...Your favourite piece of clothing?
A custom hat from Still Life.

...The world coming to?
If I knew, I wouldn’t be a musician.

...the name of your hero?
Russell Means, Jane Jacobs and the Democracy Now team. special about your hero?
 Russell Means gave a speech once and some ignorant guy in the crowd was heckling him and calling him names, so Russell calmly paused, walked into the crowd, jacked the guy in the jaw and walked back up on stage and finished his speech. Jane Jacobs was able to finally put a stop to Robert Moses, and the Democracy Now team is the only news source on TV that gives you the real deal on what’s happening.

...your worst fashion secret?
 I had a mullet when I was 12.

...this year going to bring?
I just finished the vocals on tunes for three of my favourite producers: Starkey, Reso and XXXchange. 89 my debut LP, is just about to drop and I’m more than half way done with the follow up (which is sounding even better than I had hoped). I should do a fair amount of touring, so check the live show for some of my own re-workings of tunes from 89.

...your favourite website? the top of your shit list?
 Greedy fat cats.

How would you describe your work?
Someone called it boundary-less pop. I thought that was a great description. For me, the best description of any music is the play button.