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Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks says Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift copied her

A series of Facebook posts went in on their alleged plagiarism, as well as the industry that ‘demonised’ her

Azealia Banks is coming after another set of pop stars: this time it’s Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, who she’s accused of plagiarism.

In a series of Facebook posts, the singer referred to herself as “the most widely criticized and widely ignored artist of all time”, before laying into both Swift and Gaga with her “FUN FACTS”.

Banks first went in on MAC cosmetics, detailing how her 2012 collaboration with the makeup brand was a repackage of one of their most popular shades, and that she lost her deal with the company because of homophobic remarks she made to blogger Perez Hilton. She stated that MAC “regularly collaborates with other (white) artists who use similar derogatory and homophobic language”.

Next, she alleged that Taylor Swift stole what was her original nickname “Slay-Z”, which crops up in Swift’s video for “Bad Blood”. In this music vid, Gigi Hadid is given the superhero nickname “Slay-Z”. The 212 singer claims that it was a popular nickname given to her by fans back in 2014, and that it was lifted straight from her Twitter, supposedly by Swift’s team. Banks went on to title her self-released 2016 mixtape “SLAY-Z”.

She also turned her attention to Lady Gaga, to call her out on the title of her album Artpop. Banks credits herself with the creation of the ‘witch-hop’ genre, allegedly co-opted to create Gaga’s release.

Racist remarks directed at Zayn Malik saw the musician banned from Twitter and subjected to wide public scrutiny for her use of racist slurs. Banks was banned from London’s Born & Bred festival because of her online behaviour, as well as a number of other festivals.

Read Banks' not-so-fun facts below.