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Azealia Banks launches racist tirade on Twitter

The rapper sent a series of ugly, racist tweets to Zayn Malik before attacking members of the UK music scene

Azealia Banks has launched a series of racist tweets against Zayn Malik and members of the UK music scene on Twitter.

Earlier today, Banks shared screenshots from Malik’s new video “Like I Would” on Instagram alongside some images from her own videos, alleging that there were similarities between the two. “Damn Zayn be mood boarding the fuck of out me,” she wrote in its caption, “I’m not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie”.

Later in the day, Malik sent two tweets that Banks mistakenly took to be directed at her. In response, Banks sent a long, unnecessary, and truly ugly series of tweets against Malik littered with racist and homophobic slurs, referring to him as “curry scented” and “punjab” amongst other things. Zayn refused to be drawn into any argument, insisting in a follow-up tweet that his original comments weren’t even directed at her: “why you been saying nasty things about me ? I wasn't talking about you lol ?”, he wrote.

Since Banks’ tirade, different musicians have been responding on Twitter. In particular, many UK-based musicians have been urging Born & Bred festival – which Banks is currently scheduled to headline – to remove her from the lineup. When Jamz Supernova, a DJ on BBC Radio 1xtra, expressed her frustration with the rapper’s comments, Banks responded with more racial slurs against her looks, writing “you got the worst features the African diaspora had to offer”.

Some musicians have said that they will cancel their scheduled appearances at Born & Bred festival if Banks is not removed from the lineup.

Azealia Banks has a history of making homophobic comments, and in the past has displayed a backwards logic in voicing support for Donald Trump.

Update 11/05, 12:04pm: Azealia Banks has apparently been dropped from Born & Bred, according to NME journalist David Renshaw.

Update 11/05, 12:25pm: Rinse FM have cancelled Azealia Banks’ headline appearance at Born & Bred. “We celebrate inclusivity and equality”, they wrote in a short statement posted to Twitter.