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David Lynch

A new book explores the music of David Lynch’s films

Beyond the Beyond: Music From the Films of David Lynch also features interviews with Sky Ferreira, Zola Jesus, Karen O and more

Sound and music has always been a key feature of David Lynch’s cinema, and now a new book is promising to take an in-depth look at the auteur’s unique application of sound.

Beyond the Beyond: Music From the Films of David Lynch is an exhaustive collection that looks at the scores, song selections, and sound designs of the filmmaker’s catalogue, from the eerie industrial drone soundtrack of Eraserhead to the sly jazz of Twin Peaks and hard metal of Lost Highway. It also promises to delve into Lynch’s own original music.

Besides going deep into Lynch’s world with archive images from Lynch’s own archive, the 192-page book is set to feature interviews with Lynch-approved musicians, including Sky Ferreira, Zola Jesus, Karen O, Twin Peaks (the band), and longtime collaborator Angelo Badalamenti. These artists also appear on a companion CD, recorded live at a David Lynch Foundation benefit concert.

The book is out via Hat & Beard. Read all about the upcoming Lynch-curated music festival and revisit our feature on Twin Peaks’ enduring musical legacy, and check out a scene from Wild at Heart soundtracked by Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” below.