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BrockhamptonPhoto by Julian Berman

Watch a film about the Texan ‘boyband’ fighting perfection

Brockhampton, the self-described ‘all-American boyband’ featuring rappers like Kevin Abstract, are the subject of a new film by Dazed 100’s Tyler Mitchell and Ray-Ban

Brockhampton, the self-described ‘all-American boyband’ made up of musicians including Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon and Matt Champion as well as graphic designers, producers and videographers, are the subject of a short film shot by Dazed 100 director Tyler Mitchell and Ray-Ban as part of the eyewear brand’s #ItTakesCourage campaign.

The seven-piece Texan collective has graphic designers, producers, videographers and musicians on board, allowing them to short-circuit the typical image, sound and character of a squeaky-clean boyband by self-managing their output. As group member Kevin Abstract told us earlier this year, “The biggest pop star in the world shouldn’t be a boring white kid from Canada – the biggest pop star in the world should be a creative black kid from Texas that doesn’t know how to come out to his family – that’s a way more interesting story, and it gives a new type of kid some hope.”

The documentary follows the group in their new home of LA as they discuss teamwork, direction and creative control, ending with a performance in the Californian desert of their track “Palace”. Mitchell – a friend of the collective – reflects their aim to go against the grain throughout the film.

“Nobody is better for this film about courage and fighting perfection than my group of friends, Brockhampton,” says Mitchell. “They’re people who I’ve seen grow from a group of kids in Texas into a group of artists in LA and every day they continue to push against the grain. They were every bit of inspiration for why I made this film and for that, I love them.” 

Watch the film below.