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Kanye West

Hear Kanye West’s hour-long mix of ‘Father Stretch My Hands’

The rapper debuted a really, really, really long version of The Life of Pablo track over the weekend

Kanye West kept himself in the headlines this weekend by releasing an eyebrow-raising new video for “Famous” depicting (fake) nude celebrities like Chris Brown, Donald Trump, and Amber Rose. What went underreported was that the rapper also debuted a new version of The Life of Pablo track “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1” that clocks in at a whopping one hour long.

The news was broken by Kanye collaborator Virgil Abloh, who shared the details of the remix on Instagram before Off-White’s spring/summer show at Paris Mens’ Fashion Week. As Pitchfork report, you can hear snippets of the extended remix in Instagram videos from the event.

While the full version is unlikely to ever see an official release, NME point out that there is a recording of the remix, played by Kanye producers DJ Dodger Stadium before the debut of the “Famous” video on Friday. This one is a bit shorter, finishing at a comparatively meagre 40 minutes long – which is still saying something, considering the album mix is a little over two minutes.

Previous reports from Kanye’s inner circle have suggested that the rapper tends to work with long, raw versions of songs and edit them down for the final album – when Yeezus was released, Rick Rubin was quoted in interviews saying that he first heard the album as a three-hour collection of sketches and ideas before stripping it down to its essentials.

Listen to a rip of the long mix of “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1” below.