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Lauren Auder
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Lauren Auder’s new song explores symbiosis and living as one

The 17-year-old French singer-songwriter’s new track with Dviance is a work of moody, noise-tinged beauty

Taken from the spring/summer 2016 issue of Dazed:

I know that there are better pick-up lines than talking about James Joyce’s virginity,” sings 17-year-old Lauren Auder on his 2015 track “Outro//Interior”. Meshing electro and hip-hop with moody ambient backdrops, the Watford-born, south of France-based musician counts classical literature, religious iconography and Italian cinema as inspirations, combining these unlikely references with personal anecdotes. “I tend to think about events which have happened to me and just embellish them, using them as metaphors,” he says of his lyrics. “It’s quite liberating – the process allows me to purge darker emotions and celebrate good feelings.”

His latest track, “These Broken Limbs Again Into One Body” – premiering on Dazed today – was produced in collaboration with French producer Dviance and influenced by noise and post-rock soundscapes. “It’s a track inspired by the idea of symbiosis,” he explains. “Merging with our lovers, living as one, and the problems that ensue.” 

It’s been two years since Auder started uploading his solo work on to SoundCloud, after spending his early teens fronting a number of alternative rock bands. Recruiting London based-musician Kojey Radical for his 2015 seven-track debut Equus, as well as Californian producer Dedekind Cut for his upcoming EP, Auder has a genuine love for underground scenes outside of France.

But it’s Paris-based artists such as R&B singer OK Lou and rapper Jorrdee – whom he names as particular favourites – that are refocusing his attention to the capital’s young prodigies. “I think people like what’s coming out of Paris because it feels Parisian,” he says. “Be it fashion, art or music, there’s an undeniable French charm that has always been interesting to the rest of the world.”

Lauren Auder's Equus EP is out now via Bandcamp

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