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Edward Snowden Jean Michel Jarre Techno Track

Edward Snowden is making techno with Jean-Michel Jarre

The NSA whistleblower has made a ‘hectic, obsessive techno track’ with the French electronic music legend

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden might be wanted by the CIA, NSA, FBI, and a presumably a lot of other agencies in the USA that don’t officially exist, but he’s still found time to lay down a techno track with legendary French electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre.

As FACT reports, the team-up came about after Jarre was interviewed by The Guardian last year. The British newspaper was the first to publish Snowden’s revelations about the US government’s surveillance programme, so Jarre asked if he could be put in touch with him. The pair ended up speaking for 90 minutes over Skype about the collaboration before Jarre flew to Moscow – where he once played a concert to a modest 3.5 million people – to meet Snowden in person and record the track and a video.

Titled “Exit”, Jarre describes the track as a “hectic, obsessive techno track” with Snowden’s spoken-word vocal. It appears on his new album Electronica Vol II alongside collaborations with Jeff Mills, The Pet Shop Boys and more. 

Watch a short documentary about their meeting below.