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Azealia Banks Witch Twitter

Azealia Banks is a witch, threatens to hex Twitter boss

Tech billionaire Jack Dorsey allegedly broke his promise to promote the rapper’s new mixtape, so she’s promising to enact revenge

It’s no secret that Azealia Banks practises witchcraft — she’s “a real witch with real clients”, in her own words — so it’s probably not a great idea to get on her bad side. Sadly it looks like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didn’t heed this advice, as the rapper is now threatening to hex him.

The story begins in March last year, when Banks tweeted an advert for Square Cash, a service for sending and receiving money online:

Square and Twitter happen to share a CEO in the form of Jack Dorsey. Banks alleges that Dorsey broke a promise to promote her latest mixtape Slay Z in return for her sending the promotional tweet. Banks also claims that Dorsey sent her some of his hair so that she could make him an amulet for protection. The amulet is real.

But Banks insists that Dorsey never followed through on his promise, so she’s planning to get revenge: by hexing him and stealing his luck.

Tech magazine Re/code reached out to Square for comment on the allegations and received this GIF in response:

Twitter responded with this:

The lesson here? Billionaires, never give your hair to a witch.

Check out Banks’ tweets below.