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azealia banks
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Read Azealia Banks’ amazing apology letter to Sarah Palin

‘I cherish my ability to express myself freely, yet remain totally aware that for every action, there will be a reaction’

Azealia Banks has penned an open apology to Sarah Palin, after saying that the former Alaskan governor should be “headfucked” by “big veiny, ashy, black dick” and put in a cupboard.

The slurs were posted on the Slay-Z’s rapper’s Twitter account on Sunday, after she stumbled across a fake article on a satirical news site. The piece – originally published on Newslo – claimed that Palin had said that slavery “wasn’t forced onto African-Americans,” but that “they accepted it willingly.”

“Sarah Palin needs to have her head shaved off to a buzzcut, get headfucked by a big veiny, ashy, black dick then be locked in a cupboard”, wrote Banks after reading. “Honestly... let’s find the biggest burliest blackest negroes and let them run a train on her. Film it and put it on Worldstar.” 

After realising the article was fake, Banks swiftly deleted the tweets – though not before Palin herself had read them. In a retaliatory Facebook post, the Republican chastised the NYC rapper for her apparent “anti-woman, pro-rape garbage” beliefs, and added that she was “obviously not exercising enough intelligence”. She also, in typical Palin fashion, included one tragic typo: writing that they should both be “condoning” racism. She swiftly changed it to “condemning.”

“Hey Female Rapper – listen up, little darling,” Palin began. “Why don't we strengthen both our platforms and work together on something worthwhile – like condemning racism, along with empowering young women to defend themselves against a most misogynist, degrading, devastating assault perpetrated by evil men – rape.” 

Not one to stay silent, Banks responded to Palin’s remarks (very articulately) this morning. See below:

Palin has yet to comment, although People reports that the former governor is considering suing the rapper. “I've had enough of the unanswered threats and attacks against my family and me,” she apparently stated yesterday. “So, for the first time I'm going to enjoy the only retribution some protected 'celebrities' seem to understand – I'm suing Azealia Banks and can't wait to share my winnings with others who have gone defenseless against lies and dangerous attacks far too long.”

UPDATE: Azealia has shared a follow-up post to her original Tumblr letter, which was accompanied by a tweet reading “Fuck Sarah Palin”. Read in full below: