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Jai Paul

Jai Paul is back...mysteriously

The elusive singer and his brother A.K Paul have launched a project called ‘Paul Institute’

Jai Paul is launching a new project called Paul Institute with his brother A.K. Paul.

Disco Naïvete noticed the registration of the URL earlier today, and Pitchfork have confirmed that it is a new project from the two musician brothers. Yet as it currently stands, there's no word as to what that project actually is.

For now, though, you can put your phone number into the site and wait for news. Maybe it'll be the long-awaited statement from Jai Paul about his unauthorised album leak he promised back in 2013.

A.K. Paul might be the lesser-known of the brothers, but he's managed to be a more prolific musician in a shorter space of time — last year he released tracks with Nao and Jones, and was pictured with his brother and Miguel in the studio.