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Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks for Toss magazineNatali Arefieva via

Azealia Banks blasts critics of Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’

‘I could honestly throw up in a box watching all these white women go in about the damn song’

When Beyoncé dropped her new track and video “Formation” on Saturday night, it marked an unapologetic celebration of blackness, womanhood and heritage, with many hailing it as her most incredible (and political) creation to date. However, despite the widespread praise, others have somehow found it offensive, with the conservative US media drawing comparisons to the KKK, and a bunch of dimwits genuinely planning an anti-Beyoncé protest in New York this weekend.

Azealia Banks, who has always been vocal about the struggles faced by black artists, took to Twitter last night to call out the ludicrous response to “Formation”, particularly the “All Lives Matter” variety of commenter, and the input of white feminists. “No shade I could honestly throw up in a box watching all these white women go in about the damn formation song,” she began, adding: “‘Why only support black women? What about ALL WOMEN?!’ Sarah cried, as she pulled hot sauce out of her bag and used as eye drops.... And honestly look how as soon as Beyoncé decides to embrace her blackness and love herself the whole white feminist world turned on her.”

This isn’t the first time Banks has called out the priorities of white feminism. Earlier this year, the Harlem rapper started a dialogue with musician Ryn Weaver, who posted this armpit selfie on twitter. “I find that non-colored feminists cloud the feminist sphere with shit like free the nipple and hairy armpits,” Banks retorted. “Women everywhere are in much more dire situations than worrying about pussy hair or whether or not they can show a nipple on instagram.”

Read yesterday’s tweets in their entirety below: