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Missy Elliott Pep Rally

Listen to new Missy Elliott track ‘Pep Rally’

Missy is back to steal the Super Bowl once again

Even if you don’t live in the US, it’s hard to escape the media cluster-fuck that is the Super Bowl. With the media frenzy that surrounds the most-watched event annually on TV, it can be hard to cut through the noise – even if you’re a bona fide celebrity, like Beyonce or Coldplay (both of whom were performing in the half time show).

Missy Elliottt, however, has form when it comes to stealing Super Bowls. Who can forget her coming out mid-way through an otherwise pretty forgettable Katy Perry set last year and absolutely killing it? A year on from her scene-stealing performance, Missy’s back with new track ‘Pep Rally’. The track’s everything we expect from Missy – high energy flow with a drum-heavy instrumental. Download from iTunes here, stream on Spotify, or listen to the track below – whatever works for you.