Watch Debbie Harry introduce a pre-fame Courtney Love

In this unearthed 1987 clip, the grunge icon makes an appearance on Andy Warhol’s TV show ‘Fifteen Minutes’

“If I wasn’t an actress, I would have probably been a bag lady,” says a 22-year-old Courtney Love, sitting on the floor of a room stuffed with clothes and records. “I get a lot of inspiration from bag ladies. I see them walking on the street, they look so lonely and romantic – you know they’ve been through a lot. That’s what’s important – living life.”

The idiosyncratic 2-minute clip appeared as part of Andy Warhol’s short-lived TV show Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes, a late-80s MTV series that included interviews with various up-and-coming figures in pop culture. Love’s inclusion in the show came after Warhol noticed her after she starred in Straight to Hell, a cult indie comedy featuring Grace Jones, Joe Strummer and Elvis Costello.

This particular episode saw an unimpressed looking Debbie Harry introduce a not-yet-well-known Love, two years before she would go on to found the band Hole and become one of the biggest grunge icons of the 90s.

Watch the clip in its entirety above.