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Has Miley and Kanye’s remix of ‘Black Skinhead’ just leaked?

We can’t work out if it’s the real deal, but it’s a banger either way

Way back in 2013, it was rumoured that there would be an official remix of Kanye West’s iconic track “Black Skinhead” that would feature none other than our favourite pop provocateur Miley Cyrus – but the song never surfaced, so we all forgot about it. However, some three years later, it appears that the remix, which also features rappers Travis Scott and Lupe Fiasco, may have finally made its way online.

But is it the real deal? Kanye’s upcoming album SWISH is only scheduled to come out in a couple of weeks, so its doubtful that he would want any of his old tunes hitting the net and stealing the spotlight. But, whether it’s an “official” remix or not, its still a banger.

In the track, which you can listen to in full here, Miley sings the parts of Tears for Fears’ shimmering 1985 track “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” alongside Travis Scott’s signature Auto-Tuned vocals and Kanye’s heavy, clattering, rhythmic flow.

Listen to the original verison below: