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The NTS studio in Dalston, London

Get your own show on NTS Radio

The revered Dalston station is giving would-be radio hosts across the world the chance of a prime-time slot

This year, NTS Radio will celebrate its fifth year. By now, the digital radio station is such an established part of underground music’s fabric that it almost feels odd that it’s not yet been around for half a decade. Despite its prominence – playing host to shows from artists such as Mos DefFour Tet and Bala Club – the station isn’t resting on its laurels, having recently redesigned its website and added a fresh bunch of new artists to its roster.

Now NTS is once again looking across the globe for new hosts and DJs, and asking you to send in your mixes for the chance of a coveted one-off guest slot on the station. Here's what NTS had to say: “An integral part of NTS is giving absolute freedom to hosts; getting to hear what your favourite DJs can do, unfettered from the expectations of corporate radio, or even the expectations of the dancefloor. 

“NTS is also a platform for championing lesser known artists and DJs, providing them with the space and the reach to hone their craft live. While there are plenty of established guest artists on the station, one of the most exciting things we experience here is playing a part in breaking smaller artists and hosts. Besides that, it's the unknowns and random kids who often surprise us the most with what they can do. This competition is a great way to once again give new talent a chance to be heard worldwide.”

So please send in your mixes – no longer than an hour – with a little bit of information about yourself and the music you love to:

Closing date – February 12 2016.