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James Franco
James Franco in the Dazed & Confused December 2013 issuePhotography by Josh Olins, Styling by Robbie Spencer

James Franco is going to release an album about The Smiths

The creative polymath has just a signed a worldwide deal for his concept band Daddy

Rarely a day goes by where James Franco doesn’t announce that he is embarking on a new and entirely unexpected project. From publishing a book about Lana Del Rey to becoming a high school teacher, directing a movie about cult fave The Room and spectacularly trolling North Korea in The Interview, the actor-slash-everything knows no boundaries when it comes to experimenting with art’s endless possiblities.

True to form, Franco’s latest endeavour is equally every bit as curious as past exploits. His band Daddy – a concept-driven project inspired by The Smiths (yep) – has just signed a worldwide, multi-year deal with Kobalt to release a full-length album and film titled Let Me Get What I Want. The project is named after a famous Smiths lyric and song, if you didn’t clock that already.

The album will be based on Franco’s Smiths-inspired poems from his book Directing Herbert White and, somehow, the band have persuaded The Smiths’ bassist Andy Rourke to appear on the album. Each song will be accompanied by a video, and when watched in sequence, each video forms a film.

“We are really excited to partner with Kobalt on our upcoming Daddy album and film,” the band, which consists of Franco and musician Tim O’Keefe, explained. “Kobalt has the right forward-thinking approach to work with a project as unique as ours, where we see our work not only existing within the music realm, but extending into the film, art space and beyond on an independent basis.”

Watch the duo’s 2014-released first video, “This Charming Man”, below: