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Jacob Reynolds as Solomon in Harmony Korine’s Gummo

Hear the reimagined soundtracks for Kids, Gummo and Akira

Glaswegian producer Sega Bodega has written his own compositions to accompany the trailers for cult films

Last week, prodigal Glaswegian producer Sega Bodega released his debut EP Sportswear on Activia Benz. The five track release is a marriage of the high octane and the melancholy – a coming together of cut up vocal samples, detuned synth lines and fractured hip hop beats that owes a lot to Glasgow’s fertile club scene, while simultaneously carving out an individual aesthetic.

As well as making dancefloor bangers, he’s obsessed by film scores, an area that he’d love to move into. Here, we premiere the producer’s first forays into the world of scoring, with his alternative, modernised visions of the trailers for films like Kids, Gummo and A Clockwork Orange.

"I had been stuck in this monotonous loop with music," he tells Dazed. "I’d open Logic, go to the same sounds, the same chords and it was getting tedious. I wanted a way to write new music but with someone else’s structure that I had to follow. It totally forced me into a headspace that already existed. I was getting impatient waiting for my EP to come out and dissatisfied with just putting beats on Soundcloud – it was starting to feel anti-climactic. This was a new way for me to show something else and give more to the listener than just music, as well as reworked nostalgia. Film music’s the end goal for me, it’s the world I want to be in."

Watch the reimagined cult film trailers below and stream the extended mix here. Tune into NTS Radio on November 26 for Sega Bodega’s monthly soundtrack series, 6-7pm.