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Adele teams up with Xavier Dolan for new ‘Hello’ video

The singer enlisted the help of the Mommy director for her long-awaited comeback

Adele is back, everyone. Did you know? After three years of radio silence and (presumed) contentment, the singer has finally returned with new single “Hello” – and she's cleverly enlisted the help of Xavier Dolan for the video.

The Canadian enfant terrible, who broke everyone's hearts earlier this year with Cannes favourite Mommy, filmed the six-minute sepia clip just outside of Montreal. And as can be predicted, it's a very raw and teary watch. It's an inspired choice from Adele, too – especially as she basically built a career on making people cry inappropriately on public transport. 

“It was incredible working with him,” the singer told Zane Lowe this morning. “I learned a lot and it made me want to be an actress. He had me crying and acting... and I’m really, really proud of it. It’s not like a groundbreaking video in terms of effects and dance moves, but it’s my best video and I'm so proud of it.”

Watch all the sadness below:

Adele's 25 is released on November 20