This video slams the stereotype of tuned-out young people

London riot grrrls Skinny Girl Diet and take-no-shit hip-hop collective Neverland Clan speak the truth on the situation for young creatives

Celebrating the music and fashion that’s sprung from a passionate, yet disillusioned youth culture, a new film brings together London-based rowdy hip-hop collective Neverland Clan and resident riot grrrls Skinny Girl Diet alongside young directorial talent Mollie Mills to break down the state of the nation.

As part of the collaborative RAW Sessions with G-Star and Boiler Room, videographer Mills captures the hunger of the new-gen and their determination to instill a new cultural legacy. Members of Neverland Clan and Skinny Girl Diet slam the stereotype that young people are tuned out and uncaring. For both groups, they dismiss the draw of record deals and hits for doing what they love to do.

Having been compared to A$AP mob, the Neverland Clan are making waves among both the fashion and music sets. With fans ranging from Skepta to Virgil Abloh, the collective are killing it on the London circuit. The advice the group give to young people is to 'live your movie': living your own culture and living your passion. 

Grrrl-punk rockers Skinny Girl Diet, with the outspoken snarl of L7 and Bikini Kill before them, are notorious on the scene for their brand of feminist-charged musical showcases. In the video, the band relate their attitude towards an industry that overlooks angry, artistic women, saying: “It was all cut and dry, if you’re a girl you have to sing about relationship and love, and look pretty…and be a pop star. The ethos behind our name is that we are completely rejecting all these beauty ideals put on women and men. We want to spread the message you’re perfect the way you are.”

Both bands have been captured on film by Mollie Mills, who’s featured at Tribeca Film Festival and at a Tate Modern showcase. Hailing from London herself, Mills illustrates the raw passion behind the music of her hometown, which exploded onto the RAW Sessions last night at a secret location show.