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Chvrches shut down guy in the crowd shouting ‘marry me’

Lauren Mayberry didn’t take too kindly to an offer being bellowed out by an audience member

Lead singer of Chvrches Lauren Mayberry has long been an outspoken voice on the matter of sexism in the music industry, partly owing to the fact that she’s consistently found herself a target of misogynistic abuse online. Why should she put up this this, she wrote two years ago. She’s a fierce character and unafraid to speak her mind, which is unlucky for the guy who shouted marriage requests at her from the crowd while the band were onstage at a show in New York.

Shortly after Mayberry finishes telling an in between songs anecdote, a booming voice in the audience shouts "marry me". Wisely, Mayberry questions the hit rate of such a move, asking, "Does that work?" To be fair, it’s not often that you ask a couple how they met and the woman says: "You know, we met when I was playing a show and somewhere, out there in audience, my husband shouted 'Marry Me!' I couldn’t see what he looked like, but there was something irresistable about his boorish, drunk advances that I just couldn’t turn down. I said yes, there and then."

The Chvrches frontwoman also ruminates on how, given that her determination not to accept misogyny is very public, the audience member may have an idea that she might spurn the advances and turn on him. After shutting him down, another voice shouts "why so grumpy Lauren?" in what appears to be a very desperate bid to miss the point as badly as possible. Watch below.