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Azealia Banks
Azealia Banksvia @azealiabanks / Instagram

Azealia Banks goes hard on women who have abortions

‘After the third one then you’re having a baby bitch. And if we find that you aborted it yourself we’re going to find and jail you’

Last night, Azealia Banks sent twitter into a spin (what’s new?) when she made a string of controversial comments about abortion. At first, the NYC rapper described herself as “pro-choice”, commenting: “I'm totally pro-choice but I think there needs to be limit to how many voluntary abortions a woman can get. Cause some chicks be wilding,” She then added: “I think three in a lifetime and that's it.”

Her followers then waded into the debate, with many of them taking aim at her comments. When one asked, “After the 3rd one, then what?” Azealia replied, “After the third one then you're having a baby bitch. And if we find that you aborted it yourself we're going to find and jail you.”

Others rightly pointed out that there are many reasons that women might need an abortion, including the fact they may have been raped. “What if they get raped numerous times?” one twitter user asked, and Azealia replied: “Who's raping them? Why has this person been raped three times with no police report?”

The discussion quickly turns to the wider anti-feminist connotations, with one commenting, “but limiting the amount of abortions a woman is allowed is limiting her sexuality – the exact opposite of feminism.” Azealia Banks, who has taken aim at different facets of feminism in the past, then replied, “feminism is being a foster parent, donating to battered women's shelters, adopting, not this pussyhairarmpit shit.”

A few of the tweets have now been deleted.

Read the debate below: