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Watch Hari Nef star in this new video from The Drums

The Dazed 100 icon drinks wine on a romantic day out before being confronted by a gyrating, vampiric Bigfoot

Actress, model and genderqueer it girl Hari Nef has had a meteoric year so far. From being voted #1 on the Dazed Reader’s 100 list of today’s most influential pop culture rebels, to making revolutionary waves at New York Fashion Week, or graduating from Columbia University and signing a contract with elite modelling agency IMG, the NYC trans icon has been setting a cultural agenda.

No wonder, then, that indie duo and fellow New Yorkers The Drums asked her to appear in their dark slash fun video for dreamy break-up track “There is Nothing Left”. According to a press release, Jonny Pierce of the band asked her to star in the video the morning after meeting her. 

“I was immediately struck with her aura,” he explained. “I fell in love immediately and the next morning asked her to star in this video. She said yes right away. She’s a punk and also completely relatable with a strong sense of self and a smile to crack the earth in half. I’m sure she’s rolling her eyes reading this right now. We’ve always tried to work with people who are everyday – in their own way – nudging the world towards being a more accepting place to live.”

Hari Nef feels the love too. “Jonny Pierce was the third person I met in Los Angeles when I moved here for the summer in late June. I found him funny, magnetic, stylish, and easy to talk to. I was not surprised when I found out that he was a rock star. When he asked me to feature in the next video for The Drums, I was surprised. I had never envisioned myself as the ingénue of a romantic comedy, even a romantic comedy gone wrong. I related to the video’s notion of embodying clichés in order break them. Filming was a treat!”

Watch below.