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EDM festival
Five seconds after this photo was taken, everyone was nakedvia

Instagram has banned #EDM

The photo sharing site is clamping down on hashtags that repeatedly violate community guidelines – it looks like the music world’s most lucrative genre is the latest victim

Instagram is on a banning tip right now. The aubergine emoji has gotten the chop, as did the #curvy hashtag, (albeit temporarily) because they’re notorious conduits for sharing images that violate Instagram’s community guidelines, i.e. graphic sexual imagery.

The latest hashtag to fall foul of the modbots is #EDM, dance music’s most divisive scene. Reviled by many, it manages to comfortably hold a place as the most lucrative genre in music. One may assume that #EDM has been banned on account of its infamously dubious cultural contributions (see David Guetta spinning actual nursery rhymes at Tomorrowland) but in fact it’s because the hashtag is regularly used to post pictures of complete and utter nakedness. The hashtag was reportedly automatically shut down after too many explicit photos and videos were posted containing #EDM in the caption (we’re awaiting comment from Instagram).

That’s right, you thought EDM festivals were bad, but in fact everyone’s naked. Everyone is so naked that #EDM is banned on Instagram. I’ve talked trash about EDM in the past, but maybe this is exactly why people are willing to commit hundreds of pounds to watch Steve Aoki play "If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands". They’re so charged up by their own – and everyone else’s – liberated naked bodies, that the fact that the music sucks is a secondary.

*goes online and buys tickets to Tomorrowland 2016*