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Snoop pulled over by Swedish cops on suspicion of drug use

The rapper claims that the ‘stop and search’ incident was purely down to racial profiling and vows never to visit the country again

This weekend, Snoop Dogg was arrested in Sweden on suspicion of using drugs. The rapper was pulled over by police while driving in his car and they took him into a station to provide a urine sample.

Snoop was infuriated by the actions of the Swedish police and argued that he was pulled over because of the colour of his skin. In a series of videos on Instagram, he said: “They pulled a n***** over for nothing, taking me to the police station where I've got to pee in a cup, for nothing.”

In another video he talked about racial profiling and vowed never to visit the country again: “Sorry to all the fans in Sweden, I’ll never be back in this country, you can blame your police chief and the people who run your police department.” He went on to say: “Profiling, racial profiling that’s what this is.”

Although it’s no big secret that the rapper is a fan of getting high, it is true that in many countries, black people are more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession than white people. Racial profiling is a big (and very real) deal, but if I was a cop that wanted an easy catch, I’d pull over Snoop every time.

Scandanavia hasn’t been kind to the rapper. In 2012 he was arrested in Norway and banned for entering for two years after being found with a load of weed and money that wasn’t accounted for. Sweden and Norway both have zero-tolerance attitudes towards drugs, making Snoop Dogg a magnet for trouble. Watch his thoughts on his arrest below.