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Nicki Minaj Anaconda
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Dazed’s alternative ‘Video of the Year’ nominations

After Nicki Minaj called out this year’s VMA choices, here’s our own list of videos that should get recognition

There was always going to be some sort of beef following this year's MTV Video Music Award nominations. So when Nicki Minaj started voicing her very valid annoyance at being snubbed for ‘Video of the Year’ on Twitter, it really wasn't a surprise.

Although we love Miley, who nabbed last year’s trophy for "Wrecking Ball" a little bit of diversity wouldn't have gone astray this time, or you know, a nomination for someone who isn’t Ed Sheeran. Especially when awards have often bypassed artists of colour who are equally as deserving of recognition. Anyway, we came up with our own dream shortlist, which would have featured Nicki and Beyonce’s “Feeling Myself” if she hadn’t (jokingly? idk) tweeted about missing the deadline. And although these videos might not have shaken up the mainstream music world, they certainly shook up ours.


We love Nicki Minaj, and not just because she was on one of our fave Dazed covers of all time. This clip is like the greatest homage to aerobics video tutorials since Eric PrydzCall On Me”, and it's worth a nomination simply for the slew of hilarious memes that followed. Also, bonus points for slow motion, high definition twerking.


Nicki Minaj has a twerking contender in this hypnotic, CGI celebration of the female form. Directed by Jesse Kanda, it perfectly embodies Arca's eternal, paranormal darkness ­– but this time with a bit more break-the-internet booty.


This is a classic DA-style clip, with no shortage of Alexander Wang merch and weirdo celebrity cameos, from goth king Marilyn Manson to sultry burlesque icon Dita Von Teese and Dazed favourite Cara Delevinge. Can we talk about squad goals yet?


We were beyond excited to premiere this 360-degree virtual reality clip from the Icelandic icon, not just for it’s boundary-pushing format, but also because it’s simply beautiful. What a time to be alive!


This eclectic tour of Grimes' favourite Asia locations is enough to make anyone want to slip on an American Apparel bodysuit, cut their own fringe and dye it orange – It looks like too much fun! Side note: this clip came out beside an unfinished demo purely as a thanks to her fans, which makes it even cooler.


M.I.A. is a straight-up badass. Adapted from the 2012 film Dragon Girls, the clip features 36,000 kids from the biggest children's fighting school in China. They are more precise and swift than anything on this earth, and the unison of the choreography is mind-melting.


We love Twigs so much we dedicated a whole day to her. This video is worth watching purely for the inspiration to become a more flexible human. The clip sees her dances on CGI water, her hips the puppeteer to her hair and at one point she turns into a silver pool of liquid – how many of this year’s VMA nominations did that?


This video is too freaky to ignore, and although the clips director’s Fleur and Manu did all that photoshopping, we think Drake should get some recognition. It’s weird, unexpected, e-socially aware – ticks all the boxes.


This one comes as the third installment of Sia's radical and innovative video trilogy with 12-year-old muse and insanely talented dancer Maddie Ziegler. The clip is anxious and stirring, proving that a simple treatment delivers.


Music's most forward-thinking composer was in the process of getting her doctorate at Stanford’s Center For Computer Research in Music And Acoustics, making this clip an honest output of her mind. Glitchy computer art, early internet Tumblr aesthetics, zero complaints.