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Has Kanye’s new album SWISH just leaked?

An eavesdropper reportedly recorded it from outside a building where it was playing and has been able to make out some of the tracks

People on Reddit are losing their minds because an audio file purporting to be Kanye’s much-anticipated new album, SWISH, has just been posted. As with many leaks, this should be taken with a pinch of salt. Especially as the audio file is terrible quality and not an awful lot can be heard. The person who uploaded it claims to have recorded it from outside the studio – so the calibre of sound is the lowest of the low.

Some people claim to have deciphered the tracklist. It appears to include the rumoured track “Piss on Your Grave”, featuring Paul McCartney, as well as a collaboration with Bruno Mars. 

Aside from some naysayers who say the recording is too poor quality to verify, most people on the thread seem to think that it’s legit, with Kanye superfans worried that this will cause him to push back the album release. Redditor ‘caramelgod commented: “This could get setback (sic) the album now. Last time something like this happened the album was pushed back 6 months. Imagine working on a project for a year only for it to leak. And leak in bad quality.”

If it’s genuine, Kanye has every right to be furious. The worst thing that can happen to artist is to have their work released beyond their control, early and sounding like shit.

Reddit moderators took down the original post after about an hour – most likely due to copyright reasons – but mp3 links are still floating around on the internet. The rumoured tracklist is below.