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Amy Winehouse
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Amy Winehouse film director responds to her dad’s complaints

Asif Kapadia insists he could not have entered into the project ‘with an agenda’

It took a very long time for Mitch Winehouse to agree to take part in a documentary about his late daughters life. He only agreed when Asif Kapadia was appointed as director, and it seems to be a decision he regrets. Mitch claims that Kapadia had an agenda to make him the anti-hero from the start, and brought lawyers in to try to change the film.

Amy certainly doesn't paint Mitch as a saint. It talks about his influence on the musician's youth, that he cheated on her mum for seven years, before walking out on the family when Amy was nine. Kapadia suggests that this, coupled with the fact that he was a strong yet somewhat absent figure in her life, may have left Amy seeking his affirmation.

This seems like it could be true; when she was first asked if she would go to rehab, she said that it was her father's decision, and as you can hear in 'Rehab', he did say at first that she didn't have to go. Also, the film shows that when she tried to escape from press attention after battling her drug addiction by going to Jamacia, Mitch showed up with a reality TV crew. Not cool.

Mitch argued that he had been misrepresented; that Kapadia had an agenda and he had been painted as a villain. Kapadia, who also directed Senna, laughed at this suggestion, telling the Independent: "How can you go into something with an agenda, if when I started, I didn’t know any of the story, or the people? I’m not in the music industry. It was just a question of talking to the people and seeing what the story was. It took a while for people to talk."

Kapadia conducted over 100 interviews with Amy’s family, friends and the people who worked with her.

The documentary will be in cinemas from the 3rd of July